Quarantine Beauty To Do List

I miss you all so very much. Hopefully I will see you soon, but until then I thought I send you something to do or not do while we are keeping everyone safe.

  1. Don‘t cut Bangs- we all are emotional. Just don‘t. Please don’t try to cut your own hair. If the ends are bad, we can zoom and discuss options.

  2. Put down the hot tools!! Yes even the blow dryer. No need for unnecessary heat damage right now.We are all in the house.

  3. Do wear protective styles. This is a perfect time for low manipulation styles. My personal favorite is halo braid. Give your hair a break and allow it to do its thing.

  4. Drink tons of water. This is the perfect time to hydrate our skin and hair.

  5. Exfoliate-Tone—Moisturize. Sun damage creates darks spots and aging.This is also a perfect time to work on even skin. We are coming outside soon, mine as well beautiful with our mask.

  6. Lastly, love on all your imperfections ❤️. With all the social media scrolling I just want to remind you are beautiful.

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