Is Black twitter being a Crybaby about H&M coolest monkey?

The fashion industry has a huge disparity when it comes to minorities breaking in the industry. I mean we all watch Kanye Yezzy line. No one was taking him serious until it was too late. Fashion companies often have no problem using minority superstars to sell billions of dollars worth of fashion. These corporation will give endorsements but not a real seat at the table. Today the internet has went crazy over this new product alert.

The problem is minorities are expecting too much from companies that do not create with them in mind. Twitter has been going crazy and demanded a explanation from H&M. But do we really need one? Its simple if more minorities had more decision making jobs instead of just being used stuff like this would not happen. It is hard to be sensitive to something when you can not relate to. But I really question should minorities wait on corporations to give them a seat at the table or demand a seat? Or better yet should minorities just create a whole new table. Black twitter was upset about H&M this morning. But black twitter didn't mind trashing BBB sneakers months ago yet I am sure they have purchase ugly gucci sneakers. Minorities have to stop crying to the internet and put their money where the mouth is. Don't complain if you will just purchase from H&M in a few months.

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