When Is Ok to Extend your Business?

It has been way too long since I blogged. If you follow my social media handles you know I recently expanded my business. I have been receiving more training in the beauty industry. In July I enrolled in Paul Mitchell. I have always had a gift for making people looking great. My closest friends and clients never understood why I just wouldn't do it all. When you are really good a multiple things you came seem like you are all over of the place. I was so concerned with confusing my audience and my clients.

One day one my client, who is now an awesome friend said if she could act and sing why can't I do HMU and Wardrobe. Clients would prefer to just go with one person versus multiple. It finally clicked for me. I just want you all to know you never really have the last word where you end up. But Gods does. If you have a gift that compliments your business be sure to at least try it out. So long story short that is where I have been hiding.

I wrote this post to one introduces you to the fact that not only will you be receiving fashion updates but now beauty. Secondly, in addition to all the great updates, I wanted to let you know about the Beauty and Hair Brand Gray Glam.Gray Glam is an inclusive extension and beauty brand for every type of beauty. I plan to sell beauty and hair products for all hair types, skin and genders.

Lastly but surely not least don't forget to check out Wardrobe Cult. Awesome fashion marketplace with tons of unique pieces. I'm so excited for this marketplace as you can finally find unique pieces. If you know any designer great fashion designers be sure to let them know they can now sale items here. Check out some of my favorite pieces for the marketplace.

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