3 Ways to wear button up dress

Last week I told you guys I would review all the pieces I got from bushman. Well I grab this linen button up dress. The quality on all the pieces are bomb overall. The brand is made for outdoors but I thought it would be cool to jazz it up. You can purchase the dress www.bushmanshop.com

The first is super casual and I didn't wear it as dress but a long tee and tied the belt behind versus the front. Don't mind my resting bih face. Lol I'm working on my faces. I actually purchase the duffle bag from them as well.

The second look I wore as just a dress and threw an oversized vest over it. I was thirsty for layers today.

The last look, I was frustrated with constant ironing of course. Linen wrinkles so easy. So I decided to make it sexy.

Overall the dress is excellent basic to have. You definitely can integrate it in your wardrobe capsule for every season.

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