How to get your Designer Bags on a Shoestring Budget

When I turn 21 I bought myself a Henri Bendel bag for approximately $700 retail.I feel like they went down on their prices over the years. I turned 21 for the 7th time this year and my love affair with the bag ended. Needless to say, I wore that thing down. I neglect leather conditioning rule. Moments of silence for my baby. I think I had so much attachment to it because it was the first one I bought myself.

Being that I'm 21 for the 7th time I like to think I have become financially wiser. At least I try to be. So I told myself it was time to make a major purchase on some Leather. But I'm really into saving right now and looking fab at the same time. The daily struggle lol. I sell things all time on all type of platforms. But I'm always weary to huge investment pieces because of replications. I came across the holy grail Tradesy!! Tradesy guarantees authenticity or money back. So my logic was whatever I buy, take it to the store make sure it was real.

New Bag alert

Now understand that searching for the right used bag will take time and patience. But it so worth it. I found a Bally bag for $140 that retails for $800.Not like a vintage one but you get the idea. DO NOT SLEEP ON RESALE LADIES. Needless to say, it's never cute to be fly and broke.

Let me know if you have a favorite place to buy goodies😁

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