D.I.Y Revamping Old Pumps

Old Busted and Scratch Pumps

I recently started a collection out of revamped goods. The collection is inspired by the environment in mind, as fast fashion pollution is a serious problem. Needless to say, I have been turning trash into treasure. So as you can see these old beat up and scratched pumps almost made their way to the trash. But I decided to paint them.

I recommend only doing this to shoes with good soles. No need to revamp shoes with worn out soles.

I research leather shoe paint and I came across Angelus paint which had bomb reviews. I also found a beat up vintage Koret Bag, They were apparently the bomb in the 50's and 60s. They were compared to Hermes and Gucci quality. Quick history lesson ;-). Anywho the bag had a few scratches but great foundation so decided to revamp it and why not make the shoes match.

This is what the shoe looks like after I use the deglaze, which I swear is nothing but nail polish but whatever.

And this is the first coat. I recommend using a sponge utensil.

Not looking to good just yet.

And this is the final look after two coats and finisher. I also cut the tassles off they told the purse's age :-) Be sure to check out the collection.

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