Websites That Every Fashion stylist Should know about.

I am no June Ambrose yet, nor did I find someone to shadow coming to this industry. However, I like to think of my self as resourceful. I also genuinely believe when you really want something, you figure it out. When I first open a clothing store no one wanted to tell me where to get clothing from, or how to start. I lock myself in my room and decided to research it. Today we have every bit of information at our fingertips.

1) Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem always seems so cliche, but the networking is amazing. I actually book my first paid styling gig from Model Mayhem. I also like the new verified credits. You will get a lot of crap but like anything else you have to pick through the contacts. It is also great for portfolio building. This is also great for meeting other stylists

2) The second website I thought about was

I know you are probably wondering how that will help you. Styling is a relationship business and who you know. Therefore, networking within a niche is more efficient than anything. Join a group of photographers, then find out who is working on projects that mention you. You really have to think outside of the box when choosing this career path.

3) Because Meet Up was my second, my third had to be Eventbrite.

I love Eventbrite. I actually met a young lady at gala who I ended up making money with for months. So I recommend finding events, dress up and bring business cards. Also don't be afraid to go solo, you are more likely to talk to people.

4) Polyvore

Polyvore you can put fashion storyboards together. This comes in hand when you are trying to book a gig via email or someone you never met. That can get to know your style better, as you can also use it as a tool.

5) Linkedin

This is also a good place to look for work and a mentor. Look for someone knows the business and help them so you can constantly learn.

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