Fake Fashion Sins

I browse Instagram daily and always follow fashion pages. I love to discover new brands, designers and even retail stores. Every week I will follow some new local boutique that has tons of following and then long behold, they slap a fake Chanel Bag on the page. I instantly get bothered and unfollow them lol. Now some may argue that I'm being dramatic but for me, it is just disrespectful and tacky. I think what is more insulting is a number of likes and comments they will have. These fake advocates have the nerve to having raving fans.

But it's not just women participating in these fraudulent acts. Men even celebrities have been guilty, especially with jewelry. Another page I stumble across was fakewatchbusta who expose people for wearing fake watches. Now it may seem wrong for him to public humiliate these individuals but they need to be discouraged.

4 Reasons why you should not buy replicas...

  1. We all know it's a replica... chances you will give off signs that you can't afford the item. For example owning a bag that cost more than your vechicle. Or even worst the quality is not as great as you thought it was and it falls part.

  2. It is disrespectful to designer... Fashion is hard business. Even to establish a reputable brand can takes years of sweat and failures. Good designers will always be inmitated but to buy a complete fake.

  3. Your reputation better off with a bag from target. If you are not financially ready to make investment.

  4. Your new replicate bag hold no value. Every couple years Chanel, LV, and Celine do a price inquiry. So if you hold on to your investment piece and keep it good shape, later you can sell it for more.

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