Redefining Nudes in 2016

Nude undergarments for every color has been well overdue. Earlier this week Christian Louboutin release nude shades of shoes. All week he has gotten so much praise for considering all skin tone colors. Many may disagree but I don't necessary care for the concept of a brown shoe being consider nude. Nude shoes have always been that universal shoe that you can put with anything. I feel like the brown shoe should just be brown just my opinion. I could be classically condition. However, I see the necessity of hosiery and sheer material on dresses or anything else.

What most don't know is he is not the first to embraced this idea. Nubian Skin have hosiery and undergarment for darker shades which has been an issue when beautiful brown women need to wear all white or even sheer clothing.

Ladies let us know if I missed any company that may sell any of the new nudes.

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