Susan X Menswear

So I have not blogged since July:-(. I have been so focused on adjusting to LA and working gigs that I have been neglecting you. I just wanted to share my recent portfolio fun. I love shooting for my portfolio simply because I don't have to follow any guidelines or storyboards. Not to mention nothing has to make sense when shooting for you portfolio. I am really obsessed with men's clothing. The structure and the fits of the clothing are so amazing and requires so much detail.

I love this look because it does not make any damn sense!! The wool hat is a women's hat that came from H&M. The Blazer came from my best friend closet which I couldn't tell you who it's by because it has no tags. I just know he picked it up during his stay in China. I happen to have a bf with an awesome fashion sense. The shirt, shoes and short are also by H&M. The shorts were only ten dollars because of the season change. I really wanted to get shorts and long sleeves out of my system before the fall lol. The watch is a vintage Omega.

This is the actual look on the model.The model and photographer I worked with was amazing as usual! Let me know what your thoughts are on the looks. Or feel free to request some looks you guys want to see next time.

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