How to make fashion pay?

How to make fashion pay? So recently I book this one way ticket to Los Angeles with barely any money like everyone else lol. I only pack three suits cases and let's just say I'm running out of cute looks; probably not I'm a stylist, but I feel like it. I'll put something together. But in my short three weeks of craziness I have learned a few things. 1) OWN IT- in the fashion business everything is perception. Make sure you're knowledgeable about the expertise you are ranting about. Learn everyday, rather it's a magazine, a competitor business model, a podcast. If you want to be a designer, store owner or even a stylist- JUST DO THE SHIT. What I mean by owning something is really put a plan behind it and start making money. Inspired=I never made money doing this and I just talk about it a lot. 2) Build Relationships- build quality relationships with quality people. Can these people inspire you? Are they beneficial to you? Can you contribute to their cause? Because no one likes just takers.Are they professional? I use to think you needed a huge following to make money. But when evaluating relationships in business I always ask myself can I learn from them and are they a good way to build leverage. Are they in the tax bracket I want to appeal to? 3) BE FLY AS FUCK AT ALL TIMES- So I have a cousin and a sister who I use to think was so vain. If we went to the grocery store, or the gas station in the middle of the night they would put themselves together like they were going on a first date with the love of their life. But what I learn is you are your brand and you never know who you may bump into in these LA streets. You also never know when your next client is interviewing you. Now not to say your work wont speak for itself but we as human beings are judgy( yes I just made up a word lol). You wont trust me to style a lookbook if you always catch me looking crazy. If you have a mindset like that I promise you will make money in fashion. I have one friend in LA and I book three paid jobs already. So sell yourself and stop just being inspired. With all of that said, like Nike just do it.

In case you are wondering what I am wearing in my first LA pic...

Dress is Forever21 is was $9.90 ( stick it to the man lol)

Shoes came from LA Alley fashion district

The purse is not longer available but it is Henri Bendel

The Blonde hair was weave.

Feel free to comment if you have any two cent on how you make money in the fashion industry.

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