4 Reasons you need to hire Fashion Stylist or Personal Shopper...

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Most people think of a fashion stylist and they correlate stylist with rich or famous. When I think back on when I was sixteen picking my friends up and literally pulling over to fix their makeup or attire. Back then I just thought I was just looking out for close friends. What I discovered is that I had interest in improving their self-confidence via their appearance.Unfortunately All of my friends were not rich and famous. It was a need there and I had not notice at the time. Everyday people can benefit from a wardrobe doctor.

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1)Save and Maximize your money..

I know saving money is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of hiring a fashion stylist. Think about your closet as an investment in yourself. ( NO BETTER INVESTMENT). Often we look inour closet and think we have nothing to wear. Well a stylist can create new fresh looks with your old wardrobe. Stylist also build relationships and shop for a living. This means for you discounts and deals for your pockets. We also take in consideration the amount of wears of pieces.

2)People Judge You .... Whomp whomp (where's an emoji when you need it). Human beings are insanely judgmental. If we didn't care what everyone wears we wouldn't have cliche sayings like; dress to impress or dress for the job you want. And to be completely honest I always run into everyone when I look a mess. The point is a stylist can help you put your best foot forward as no one will pay attention to how smart or talented you are while being distracted by sloppy appearance.

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3) Lifestyle Change So things happen to us all that changes are day to day activities. Maybe you will become a mom so you trade in your daisy Dukes for more practical clothing like tunics; you shouldn't own daisy duke if you are blessed with a Nicky Minaj rear end.Maybe it's time to put all your clubbing dresses in consignment stores. A new corporate job after college. A fashion expert will make these transitions easy. Everyone has that family member or friend who always wears black. If you don't,than you are probably that person. Or do you wear the same kinds of clothes over and over? A fashion stylist can make your attire worth talking about. No need to be bland.

4) Your Closet looks like a Zoo.... Closet organization is one of those services more and more stylist are starting to offer. Closet organization is so significant to your wardrobe portfolio. It makes shopping easier as you know what you have before purchases. It also keeps your room tidy if you are one those individuals who tear up the house when getting dress.

To get more information about your wardrobe concerns feel free to contact me at shopsusangray@gmail.com

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