Buying Chanel Online In 2016?

Chanel has never been available for purchase online but that may be changing soon. That's right ladies your bad habit may just go insane.

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Bo Renee Olson

At the Chanel show in NY Tuesday Bruno announced that the idea of selling online is in the works. He did not elaborate much on it. He did say it will be a better way to serve clients faster.

In 2013 Bruno Pavlovksy-President of Fashion at Chanel- told Bloomberg “Fashion is about clothing, and clothing you need to see, to feel, to understand,”. I actually agree with him. The whole e-commerce thing for Chanel may change the culture of the brand. The whole idea of only being able to buy the line in stores gives the brand this rare appeal, builds an eliteatmosphere for clients and creates a buzz for the brand. It may also makes it easier for it to become replicated. (I HATE REPLICAS!! IT IS DISRESPECTFUL). However I could be absolutely wrong, it could work out in the brands favor, as more people prefer online shopping more than ever.

It will also effect its employees and retailers. Last year when I was working at Saks 5th Avenue, I noticed that the highest paid sales associates worked in the Chanel boutique. Some even brought in 100k+. The bags and shoes sell themselves. Sometimes the shoes sell out the first day, as well as classic jumbo bags. But knowing Chanel they will have something up their sleeve i.e. probably won't still be able to see prices online, email to inquiry. Guess we will just have to see in 2016....

Check out some of the ready wear I like from the cruise collection 2014/2015

Cruise 2014/2015

Cruise 2014/2015

Cruise 2014/2015

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