Revamp Your Old Leggings

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I got a phone call from my cousin yesterday, She wanted to dangle. (FYI when I say dangling I am referring to hang out or running the streets.) I look at every opportunity to get dress so of course I was with it . She had concert tickets to an Yo Gotti concert in Detroit. If you are familiar with Gotti and Detroit, then you know the attire was not a ball gown. Like most women I always claim I have nothing to wear. Yesterday,I was whining about no shirt to wear to be exact . Long behold some leggings that were suppose to make it to the salvation army. I love cheetah print and I thought to myself why can't this be a shirt. So I played with it for a little while and realized that if I cut the crotch out it may come out half decent. I figured I didn't have much to lose as I was never wearing the loud things again.

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Finished Look

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Close Up

Today I did some browsing and found out I was not the only one who revamped leggings. I did mines in two seconds and did not think to record myself in action. So I figure I would find you lovely people some direction. Feel free to email me pics of your new crops!!

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