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So it's Monday and you are getting ready for work but you are tired of wearing the same recycled outfits you wear every week. You wardrobe is so basic and boring.

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1) Know Your Work Environment – What type of job do you have? Who do you interact with more:customers or coworkers? Do you sit down mostly, stand or walk? All of these things matter simply because we need to understand who is our audience. Of course we all get fabulous for ourselves but who else will see us.

2) Buy Basics First- Do NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN TRENDS UNTIL YOU HAVE A BASIC WARDROBE!!! Yes I just yelled via text. So here is the thing, we need classic pieces so we can get more wear out of clothes. These are also the items I recommended spending more money on because you will wear and tear more. A perfect example would be a black or navy over the knee dress, white top, tan pencil shirt. Men invest in good sport jackets, blazer and ties.

3) Wear clothes that fit- we all have seen the people at work with the tops that the buttons are screaming for their poor life. Or men who commit horrible sins by wear too big suits!! Too big suits are not a sin but it should be. Do not worry I have every intention on blogging on dressing for your body type and awesome undergarments.

4) And accessorize!!! - This is what is going to save you boring outfit. A pattern scarf and awesome bracelet can do a lot for a bland outfit. A watch, scarf and beautiful lapel will spice up any man’s attire.

5) Is the attire right and functional- So if you are on your feet for hours during the day, you wouldn’t wear Christian Louboutin. Let me add that I have nothing against the red soles they should just be sold with a bottle of vodka. You may want to opt out for something more comfortable like Colehann’s. Men often tell me they love Hugo Boss shoes as well for comfort. We also want to mindful of lengths of the skirt vs our body type. That goes for cleavage too. If you have a Nicki Minaj, no skater skirts for you! I know it is unfair.

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